Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Scenes from Woodstock, Vermont

I am tempted to call the kitten "Woodstock" because it's a wonderful place and I miss it, plus we drove from there the day we adopted him. It's not a bad name... better than calling him "Southwest Harbor" certainly. But I'm not convinced it suits him. 

Like Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, the area around Woodstock is preserved with sweeping stretches of conservation land (there's a national park) through the generosity and foresight of a Rockefeller son, in this case Laurance (we can thank David for Acadia). Both places seem untouched by time but are splendidly maintained, the best of all possible worlds.

The Ottaqueechee runs through town.

Orchard views by Billings Farm, another Rockefeller site

Antique grocery items at Gillingham's General Store.

Shopping cart loaded with gourmet chocolate. We'll take it!
Gillingham's has everything, including too much candy.

Our inn, north of Woodstock, on a misty morning.

Two good shops among many in the Village:
Primrose Garden gifts, and Who Is Sylvia? vintage clothing.

A shot from the porch behind Primrose Garden.

The main intersection, showing Bentley's, 
a favorite restaurant of mine.

The First Congregational Church, raised in 1806. 

Miniature pumpkins dotting fenceposts

Another village shop decked out for the season

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