Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shoe Happy

I'd like to thank the women who take the time to write all the detailed, thoughtful reviews on Shoebuy and Zappos.com. (I've written plenty of them myself because I know how useful they are.) It's hard to choose shoes online; it's even hard to find good ones in stores if your feet are fussy, like mine. For me, reading reviews can be much more helpful than trying on actual shoes.

I may be the last woman in America to own a pair of funky rubber rain boots but—thanks to you reviewers— I think I've suffered my last drenching in slippery flip flops. I loved reading about how you test your rain boots in the bathtub. I appreciated it when you told me, again and again, that those deceptively adorable Sperry boots were, in fact, garbage. And there's nothing better than reading 52 glowing reviews about a style that's unexpectedly cute, affordable, and available in my size, like these Nomad "Puddles:"

I ordered these from Shoebuy, which ranks second only to Zappos for customer service—and usually has better prices. Shoebuy constantly offers coupon deals, so it's easy to get 10% to 25% off. I'll also get 11% in cash back from my credit card company.

I look forward to their arrival, to see if everyone is right. I hope my own reviews won't pop anyone else's balloon.

Update: Unfortunately, I had to return them because they were too small, and the next larger size was much too big. Darn! I'm blaming my feet, and not the reviewers.

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