Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunset in Southwest Harbor

To escape from the mold removal process, we took off for a long weekend at our favorite inn in Southwest Harbor, Maine. We stay in the poolside bungalow three times a year, and we've been going there forever. We've calculated that we spend more time each year with the innkeepers than we do with our families. They are wonderful.

The leaves were at peak, Acadia National Park was full of hikers, and the popovers at the Jordan Pond House were piping hot. 

Even though it was fleece jacket weather, we stayed in the pool and hot tub every afternoon for as long as we could stand it. The pool was a chill 80 degrees; on other October visits, it's been cranked up to at least 9o — heaven when the air is cold enough that you can see your breath. 

We were visited day and night by a friendly local cat who spent five hours curled up with us as we watched the Red Sox and the Patriots.

I took this photo wearing a wet swimsuit and a towel, after racing to the parking lot by the bungalow, where the Cranberry Island Ferry docks. When that water turns pink, it's one of the prettiest places in Maine.

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