Saturday, December 6, 2008

Parisian Shop Windows

Shop windows are theater in Paris. You rarely see anything quite as wonderful here in the States. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite windows from last week's trip:

A magical toy shop in St. Germain. I love that enthusiastic bunny in the hat.

An antiques and curiosities shop we spotted late on our last evening, on the Rue Jacob. We longed for the bird, of course, but you can't own stuffed owls in the U.S. Yet another reason to move to Paris....

Russian nesting dolls to delight any obsessive-compulsive collector, on the Rue Bonaparte.

My favorite tea shop, La Charlotte de' l'Isle, on the Ile St.-Louis. They say Charlotte is a witch, and she certainly owns the most peculiar, intoxicating tea shop. I think she casts spells on me, because I find myself in a rare, giddily wonderful mood whenever I'm in there, even before my dessert arrives.

A tiny bookshop in St.-Germain, specializing in old, decorative bindings and illustration. Five customers were enough to overflow the shop, but no one wanted to leave.

A Polish Christmas palace filling a bookshop window on the Boulevard St.-Germain.

Many shop interiors fulfill the promises of their windows, and I captured a few of those, which I'll show on my next post.

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