Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleepy Times

It's after midnight, and I believe I just finished writing an article for a pharmacy magazine about sleep disorders. I'm too tired to be certain. As I worked on it over the past several nights, I struggled with overwhelming sleepiness as I read about the importance of sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night, and the evils of napping. Of course, I can't do the former and I can't help the latter, especially given the literary quality of most of my sources. Between the construction in the building that prevents my writing during "working hours" and my natural night-owl habits, I have most of the symptoms of sleep deprivation, except for the hallucinations—which I keep expecting. They might be fun.

And it sounds like my husband may have a few symptoms of mild sleep apnea....

I yawned and dozed my way through writing the article — and once or twice put my head down on the keyboard (a bad ideaaaaaaaaaaaa). I'll be glad when this story is annotated for fact-checking and sent off to my new editor. She's a complete stranger, and I hope she's nice.

If I do have hallucinations, I wonder if they'll be about Tom Hardy, the actor who played Heathcliff in the new "Masterpiece Classic" version of Wuthering Heights that finished up tonight. It was so good that we both sat through it twice tonight and last Sunday. Boy, can he brood under that unkempt rock-n-roll hair. The hair is key: without it, I'm not interested. (British actors: another bad idea...)

I especially enjoyed the casting: the actors who played characters who were related — brother and sister, for example — actually resembled each other. This was a serious deficiency in another "Masterpiece Classic" favorite, Bleak House. It's important to the plot that Lady Dedlock and her long-lost daughter Esther look strikingly similar, but the actresses (one dark, doe-eyed, and chiseled; and the other fair, snub-nosed, and puffy-cheeked) couldn't have been more different.

But I digress. Inability to focus on tasks is symptomatic of a sleep deficit.

As I wrote through these the last few nights, I had the curious pleasure of hearing not only gentle snoring from the bedroom, but various snore duets by the cats. If you don't think cats can snore impressively, you'd be wrong. All three of ours are gifted. I don't usually have the luxury of an appropriate soundtrack when I'm writing for pay. 

Good night.

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