Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Spotted this little guy on Marlborough Street on Sunday, on our way to a few real estate open houses. I thought he was adorable, and figured I'd better photograph him before another storm (like the big one coming tonight) covers him up for good. It will only take about an inch before he's done for.

I guess he isn't exactly a snowman, although he has most of the classic accoutrements — except for the top hat and scarf... and a head, a torso, and a ... what do snowman anatomists call the round part at the bottom?Let's call it a base.  

What he does have is pretty compelling, though.

We like going to open houses in Back Bay because there's still so much great architecture remaining in these Victorian buildings. We usually limit ourselves to condos vaguely in our "price range" (not that we could afford anything these days) because we inevitably feel so fortunate to come back home to our own little place after seeing the horrors out there. Sometimes we'll go see something in the $1- or 2-million-plus range because the building is splendiferous. Then we pretend we're shopping for my mother-in-law, in hopes that she'll give up her big house and move closer to us in town.

We saw a doozy this weekend: two fixer-upper studios converted to an insanely overpriced one bedroom, connected by a metal spiral staircase missing much of its railing. We both practically crawled up it to the bedroom, clinging to what was left like 90-year-olds. We were not pleased with the giant unprotected hole next to it, in the bedroom floor, with a 12-foot drop below. I wonder which of us would have found it first in the middle of the night. Perhaps one of the cats in that maniacal, hyper-cat racing mood they still get into occasionally. We'd have to put a trampoline down there. 

It felt great to come home.

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