Thursday, January 29, 2009

There's No Place Like "Home" (or "O at Home")

I just read about the demise of Domino Magazine in today's New York Times, which also reported:
"The home design category has suffered at almost every major publisher in just over a year. Time Inc. closed InStyle Home and Cottage Living, Martha Stewart Omnimedia closed Blueprint, Meredith closed Country Home, Hearst closed O at Home and Hachette Filipacchi Media closed Home."

These are seven of my favorite magazines, the ones I gravitate to first at a bookstore. I've subscribed to several in more profligate years. There isn't much left for those of us who don't have modern or stuffy-decorator tastes, or who aren't interested in the luxury lifestyles of the rich and over-the-top. Many of those shuttered mags, especially the quarterly ones, like O at Home and InStyle Home, were packed with great ideas to fix up real homes on a budget.

I'm not a fan of Architectural Digest, for example. And while all the foreign design magazines overflowing the store racks are gorgeous, they don't have much to say to me here in Boston. I guess there's still Old House Journal and Traditional Home, and features in Martha Stewart Living. But I thought this recession/depression, or whatever it is, was going to drive us all towards nesting — spending more time enjoying our homes through cooking and other domestic pleasures. Two of my favorite activities are curling up to read decorating magazines and trying to find ways to rearrange the furniture and accessories in our tiny apartment. I thought we'd be seeing more Domino-type magazines.

Oh, well. I'm lucky I didn't get around to dealing with my magazine collection last year, so I still have a few dozen old issues and a shopping bag packed with clippings to keep me entertained through the hard times ahead. And surely all this, too, shall pass.

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