Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Walking Past This Makes Me Happy

Please try to ignore the fluorescent tube reflections and focus on the sugar, buttercream, and non-nutritive calories in the pastry case at Shaw's supermarket in Back Bay. The head baker, a courtly Italian gentleman, and his dedicated crew have outdone themselves in ingenuity and the overuse of pastry tubes and candy in recent months. And I'm all for it, even though I can't stand marshmallow peeps (which are made right down the street from our house in Bethlehem, PA).

When was the last time that the fudge-frosted cake topped with chocolate-covered strawberries seemed like your tamest, healthiest, dessert option?

Let's have a closer look:

Here we have, left to right: M&M Brownies, Mixed Fruit Cups, Whoopie Pies, and... Cookie Monsters. 

Getting even closer: how would you eat one of these "Woopie" pies? And why is the inventor of this Cookie Monster creation laboring at Shaw's instead of exhibiting at the ICA? I'd take one of these cultural icons over Shepard Fairey's boring Obey Giant any day. Put the word "Obey" under one of these and I certainly will.

I'm sorry to say that I walked away empty-handed after admiring the scenery. We had truffle brownies waiting at home.

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