Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I Did and Didn't Do This Week

I made some progress on that list in the previous post. I know it could have been more — or less:
  1. This apartment is a lot cleaner. My desk has a pretty marble top — who knew?
  2. The Christmas wreaths are finally gone, along with the dead narcissus bulbs.
  3. There was napping.
  4. I made it to two strength-training classes so far; #3 is on Saturday.
  5. Only took one long walk but, hey, it snowed. (Does walking count as figure skating.)
  6. I'm having lunch with the two friends at Petit Robert on Saturday.
  7. Did some job-hunting — and quasi-networking (on facebook, with long-lost college pals in no position to ever hire me).
  8. One full bag is ready for the Salvation Army.
  9. Started reading a mystery novel, those help me fill up my 50-books-a-year list quickly.
I also did a lot of stuff that wasn't on the list: mending (ugh!), baking (cookies, pumpkin bread), making dinner every night, and getting out of my bathrobe before noon every day. I paid bills, returned library books, went grocery shopping, and called all my elderly relatives. I persuaded an unwanted client to go elsewhere, in the gentlest possible way. Hunted for the spouse's missing glasses (he did not invoke St. Anthony). And found the perfect new dining room chairs for someday:
Two more days to make further progress. Now, where's that old Ovation guitar of mine?

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