Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeding the Cat, Part III: "Peel Me a Shrimp"

Does that look like a sick, frail, elderly bag of bones? Does that look like a cat in the throes of inflammatory bowel disease? No more — our glamourpuss Persian, Snicky, is well again. She gained 8 ounces in recent weeks and is on track to surpass her all-time "fat" weight of 7.2 lbs. When she was at her sickest, she was down to a skeletal 5.3 lbs. At her last weigh-in, she was back up to 6.8. 

She's taking just a tiny steroid pill once a day now and chows down Fancy Feast with enthusiasm. We have stopped giving her sermons in LOL-cat language, exhorting her to chew (except for the fun of it). If she turns up her nose at her dish, it's only becaue she's behaving like an ordinary, pain-in-the-neck tortoiseshell. She's not quite back to leaping around like a madwoman, but she seems to be enjoying herself despite acting closer to her age. Once more, Snicky rules. 

And so does The Boston Cat Hospital. They are a terrific practice in Kenmore Square. We've gotten to know most of the staff over the years, in times of good feline health and bad. We rely on our vet, Dr. Laura Widman, for her wisdom, up-to-date medical knowledge, common sense, and creative problem-solving. She was especially good at handling Snicky's hard-to-diagnose disease. We trust her. 

Last fall, we didn't think Snicky would be here for her 15th birthday on April 1. But there will be cake after all. And "tubafish."

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