Thursday, March 26, 2009

What to Do with that Hole Downtown

According to a story in today's Globe, Boston city planners looked the other way as a developer demolished an entire downtown city block — well before anyone bothered to check out the finances, which now aren't there to complete the project. 

In short, where we used to have Filene's we now we have a hole, and no plans for anything more.

I think I have the solution: Transfer the Level 4 Biolab there from the South End. There's already a perfectly good hole for building subterranean labs for studying Ebola and Black Death and other deadly microbes. There are hardly any residential neighbors to form committees to complain about safety concerns. It will be so convenient for scientists and technicians to leap off the Orange and Red Lines right into their basement (formerly The Basement, sob) labs. And when it's time to evacuate, what could be easier?

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