Friday, April 3, 2009

Reach Out, Reach Out and Touch Someone

Unlike many other proper Bostonians, this Proper Bostonian is not a breathless Anglophile. She thinks the British are just fine, but their accents don't make her swoon. Although she takes an interest in the Royal Family (she enjoys dysfunctional families and theirs is as entertaining as Dynasty or Dallas was), she is grateful that she doesn't have to curtsey to them as their "subject." She realizes that if things had gone the other way back in those crazy, revolutionary 1770s, she might very well be speaking in an affected accent herself and spelling "color" with too many vowels. Thank goodness for General Washington, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Paine.

It was refreshing to see Her Majesty with her arm around Mrs. Obama. Although Mrs. Obama has a warm and winning personality, I suspect there's another reason behind this PDA. Someone needs to tell the Queen that her engraved gift was an iPod, not an iPhone. She will not be able to call up Craig Ferguson on the sly and trade joke ideas. She will only be able to download his routines. 

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