Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning

One of the more surprising side effects of long-term unemployment is that boredom can reach a level where you find yourself housecleaning, even though company isn't expected. I found myself dragging our old Sharp vacuum out of the closet the other day.

I'd noticed a lot of fur on the living room rug. Especially under the coffee table.

The old Sharp isn't as powerful as it used to be; that pile of fur would not budge.

I kept trying. It's time we got a Miele. They're supposed to be excellent for picking up fur.

Eventually I gave up. (I noticed that I am way behind with The New Yorker, which has been piling up on the coffee table since November. Obama won the election — wow!) 

Cleaning is stupid if you think about it logically. The minute you're done, the dust and fur start piling up again. But if I never cleaned, our whole place would look like what's still under the coffee table. 

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