Monday, April 6, 2009

Wanted: Tiny Single-Family House

Quiet couple with too many books seeks tiny, old-fashioned, single-family cottage.

• Prefer high ceilings, tall windows, fireplace, wood floors, garden. 

• Kitchen and bathroom should be small and old. Status appliances, jacuzzis, vessel sinks frowned upon.

• Must be within easy walking distance to: Red or Green lines, library, bookstore, Trader Joe's, supermarket, bakery, farmer's market, CVS, gym, post office, good pizza. Must be within a few miles of an Anna's Taqueria. 

• If outrageous mortgage is required, should be far away from Apple Store and Anthropologie.

• Neighbors within earshot should not include trumpeters, student drummers, fighting couples, frat brothers, toddlers, motorcyclists, rave partiers, deaf opera lovers, or competitive gardeners. 

• Other desired features (optional): baby grand piano, resident Maine Coon cat, hot tub, tiny heated pool.

Apply with URL, photos, listing information, or any other particulars to the hopeful writer of this blog. Thank you.

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