Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Wrong Guy

I'm not given to diatribes — at least not more than a few times a day. But I am appalled by Megan McAllister, the pretty blonde fiancée of alleged murderer, robber, and kidnapper Philip Markoff. I want feel sorry for her but I can't. She ought to have just had the worst shock of her life, and thus deserve our sympathy. But she wasn't shocked. She was too busy trying to reframe the facts to suit her own fantasy. If she handles the "denial"stage of her loss by contacting ABC News, she is outrageous.

Megan, as we all know, would not keep quiet as the story about her hubby-to-be was breaking. Being a successful, engaged medical student and all, she declared herself superior to the Boston Police and denied their findings. She accused them of trying to make money from selling the capture of her fiancé to the media. At least before his arraignment, she stood vehemently by her creepy man.

And who can blame her? Detectives can frame any random guy by tracing his e-mail correspondence with victims straight to his home computer, and then uncovering his motive: gambling debts. Yep — in the movies, anyhow. I gather these detectives should have gotten Philip's signed confession before arresting him and alerting the media.

Didn't Megan bother to look at all those news photos of her princely perp, plying his Blackberry en route to and from his crimes? Or was what happened to that poor, murdered woman beneath her notice? 

Brides are probably too busy with wedding plans and multiple gift registries to watch the news, but when the Boston cops spend a week hunting for a tall, blonde, young, neatly dressed guy, whose nationally broadcast photos are a ringer for one's betrothed, one might spare some attention. At least watch the media before you e-mail the media.

Megan's statement to ABC News said that she and her non-fly-hurting darling would appreciate being left alone. As of this morning, she was dead-set on her plan to wed in New Jersey "in August, and share a wonderful, meaningful life together." 

Talking to ABC News puts you in everyone's spotlight, Megan — even my teeny-tiny pinprick of one. The next time you want to be left alone with a murderous fiancée, try piping down a bit. I'm not defending the people who left rude messages on your wedding Web site — but honestly, what were you thinking? This is about murder.

Good luck with your "wonderful, meaningful life," Megan. I hope the bridesmaids' dresses are from J. Crew, so your friends can wear them to summer parties instead.

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