Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gay Pride

My walk to the Haymarket yesterday intersected with the Gay Pride Parade most of the way. This is always a happy occasion because just about everyone out and about in Boston seems to loosen up and smile more. The city felt more like, say, Greenwich Village to me as I walked through the Common and the Public Garden.

I accompanied Asian Pride and their drummers up Beacon Street:

Saw plenty of happy spectators lining the route:

Everyone was rocking to the music of the Gay Lifeguards, who were having a blast:

Even Heaven-or-Hell Guy seemed to enjoy the Lifeguards. He turned my way so I could get a better photo. Note that ghost of a grin on his face: maybe there's hope that even he might be saved one of these days:

I was stuck on the wrong side of the Center Plaza construction and decided to step through some yellow tape draped between a couple of parked bulldozers. But this stereotypical cop saw me and started lecturing me about the meaning of yellow tape and pointed me down to the end of the construction zone, about two blocks out of my way. Being the a Proper Bostonian — revolutionary, deeply anti-authoritarian, and an incorrigible jaywalker — I went the other way as soon as his back was turned. I dashed into the street, past more cops and joined the parade.

Unfortunately, I was deep in the middle of the Gay Contra Dancers, not the Gay Lifeguards. Instead of dancing, these folks were earnestly asking the crowd, "Do you like contra dancing" Would you like to learn to contra dance with us?" I don't like contra dancing. So I blew a big kiss to the cop as we went by, and got out of there.

The party at Government Center looked like fun but I had to get to the Haymarket. I spotted some drag queens on their way, plus a guy in a tiara:

And then this vision in black and fuchsia tulle gave me a big Miss America wave:

Same time, next year!

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