Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Local Fashion: Just Don't

I saw these at Anthropologie yesterday, on sale ($89.95, down from $178), in many sizes. They call them "Harem Pants." I call them bloomers:

A fellow shopper and I marveled at the insanity. They look even worse in reality — baggier, more sheer, and ankle-length on a woman of average height. "Who might look good in these?" we wondered. We decided that it would take a very tall, very skinny, very confident, somewhat exotic someone. (Like the model who wore them in their catalog, who must be over 6 feet tall, and is indeed very exotic and skinny.) 

But even if a woman did look okay in these, she'd look a heck of a lot better in practically anything else (except maybe a romper, another idiotic trend that showing up on the Anthro racks and in Hollywood).

If you know anyone who wears Civil War–era hoop skirts, or whose sultan keeps her hidden behind mashrabiya screens in his harem, you might do her a favor by telling her about these. But I think it ends there.

PS: The pants were reduced to $49.95 yesterday. Don't be tempted.

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