Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Annals of Retail: A Good Shopping Day...

Shopping on the cheap is among my favorite ways to waste all the free time I have from being an underemployed freelancer. Since I don't have money to waste, I hunt for deals and try to buy wisely.

For awhile there, I was so very, very underemployed that the mere thought of shopping or spending money made me feel ill and worried. Fortunately, things are looking up a bit these days, and I can do my tiny bit to stimulate the economy. I have overcome my shopophobia.

I took stock of my wardrobe recently and realized that, among other things, I need some tees. When it's not cold enough for my motley collection of old cashmere turtlenecks, I live in tees. I tend to ruin delicate fabrics like silks and sweater-knits, and I refuse to iron or pay for dry cleaning more than a handful of times a year. Tees make it easy to be both lazy and cheap.

Anyway, I realized that my "best" tee had been purchased for a trip to Egypt in 1999, while my other "good" ones dated to 2001 and 2002. (Banana Republic and other retailers thoughtfully provide date labels in their clothing, perhaps to embarrass people like me.) And almost all of my tees look much too short these days — they pre-date even moderately low-rise pants. And tees wear out; they shouldn't be with you for a decade unless they are concert souvenirs.

I found this soft, silky tee with a sweetheart neckline at the Copley Place Banana. (Seeing it under the threatening gaze of this model doesn't add to its appeal, I know.) It can be dressy or casual, it's not insanely long, and it fits well. The cotton had a hint of spandex, and there's some organic cotton in there, too.

I wanted it in white and fuchsia. Together they were $48. I had $30 in rewards cards, for no reason I can fathom. I don't buy very much at Banana, and what I get tends to be ridiculously reduced, so I feel they send me an inordinate number of rewards cards. Which is fine with me. Still, I have a tough time spending them, just as store gift cards languish in my wallet for ages, waiting for The Perfect Thing. But discovering that my best tees date from the Clinton administration galvanized me into action.

I figured I'd save more by ordering online because I received a special 10% discount code to atone for Banana's running out of something I'd ordered last winter. I also get 10% off everything and free shipping with my Luxe card this month and next. This purchase was looking good. And so I went online to hunt for more deals.

Turns out that there was a special 12-hour sale, today only — 20% off regular-priced items — that was only offered to certain card-holders, but not me. Each customer received a unique code good for one purchase. More research turned up a shopping blog I've visited before, J'Adore These Stores, whose author had a code and was graciously offering it to the first person to request it. Me.

Here's what I saved:

$48.00 for two $24 tees
- 4.80 (10% off for Luxe card holders)
- 4.32 (10% with a special discount code)
- 7.78 (20% thanks to "J'Adore's" code)
- 30.00 (free rewards cards)
$ 1.10 charged to my BR Luxe card

I feel good about that price. I can pay that bill without stomach pains. I hope it nets me another rewards card.

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  1. What a great deal! I'm glad you were able to take advantage of the code and get yourself some new tees! :)


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