Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deer Me

When we're in Acadia National Park, we're always on the search for deer but we rarely see any. We also hope to see bear, moose, and owls, but those are all extremely unlikely unless you spend a lot of time lurking quietly on remote trails. (We spend a lot of time lurking in the hot tub at the inn.) But the park is allegedly overrun with deer and seeing them from the roads, main hiking trails, and carriage roads should be almost as easy as spotting seagulls, at least according to the locals to whom we whine about the lack of deer. They're sick and tired of deer. Nevertheless, we spend a lot of time driving around, staring deeply into the woods and complaining about the dearth of deer.

Yesterday we were cruising the Park Loop Road on a cloudy, drizzly day, wringing extra value from the 12-month park pass we'd sprung for last October. We'd been all through the park a couple of times on this trip and hadn't seen a single deer. Jt just when we'd given up, four appeared — couples grazing, on each side of the road.

And one of them looked like this:

A guy who'd been driving behind us also tiptoed out of his car (you don't shut the car door for fear of scaring off the deer) to admire and take photos. He was in awe of this white one, and told us that while he'd read that they can be found in the woods of northern Minnesota, they are extremely rare in Maine.

Of course, now we can't wait to see that particular deer again.... and where are all the damn moose?

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