Saturday, July 11, 2009

Annals of Retail: A Real Deal from Banana Republic

I found this intriguing email from Banana Republic on our return from vacation:

So I immediately increased their conversion rate. I quickly filled my shopping bag with $500 worth of miscellaneous handbags I had no interest in, started the checkout process, applied the code, and discovered I was entitled to a mere $15 off.

While I was hoping for $500, I guess Banana Republic knows better than to give a bargainista like me a handout that good. But it was still a $15 handout. And because I get free shipping with my Luxe card, I decided to order one of their classic "Timeless V-neck tees, (on sale in teal and blue for $17.99), costing me a total of $2.99. These classic cotton tees are opaque, neatly cut, and a sensible length (for women who aren't giantesses).

Banana has plenty of accessories, jewelry, and other sale items at similar prices. So if you also get free shipping and this deal is sitting in your inbox, see if your savings are bigger than mine were. It's valid through tomorrow.

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