Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Time to Move: Reasons #11–#14

This morning has inspired me with a few more Reasons to Move:*

11. The loud party in the alley, one backyard over from our bedroom windows, that went on until 12:30. Now, even the Proper Bostonian understands that this is a respectable, and even a considerate, time to conclude a Friday-night party. But it was very loud until it ended. I could hear it in the front of our place, and the party was in the back. Down the street. Many doors away.

12. The lone partier who stayed on afterward, happily yelling into his cell phone until after 2 am. Sound echoes beautifully in an alley filled with tall brick buildings. In those wee hours, I calculated that as many as 200 neighbors might alse be lying awake, unwillingly listening to him.

13. The air compressor that started up somewhere in the alley at 8 am and roared on for about an hour. By law, it could have started at 7, so I suppose I should be grateful. But I was too tired to be grateful.

14. The dude in the white pick-up who parked across the street from us and has been blasting "Boston's Country 102.5" on his radio for the past 45 minutes. Since he's sitting in the back of his truck, admiring the view, I fear that he's found his inner-city camping spot for the day. I hope that truck's battery is old.

*The top 10 reasons to move include: one of us owning way, way too many books, having too little space in general, and longing for a garden.)

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