Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Time to Move: Reasons #15 & #16

When you get tired of hearing about this subject, please send me a few new real-estate listings in your neighborhood, okay? I'm checking the whole Boston area every day on Redfin.com, but pickings in our price range are slim.

More Reasons to Move:

15. A giant central air conditioning unit was just installed today in a neighboring garden. This monstrosity is practically guaranteed to keep me awake, since the roof-mounted ones further up and down the street already contribute to my warm-weather insomnia.

16. An operatic soprano just moved in across the street. She practices the same phrases a lot, and she's one of those wobbly sopranos of the church choir variety. I wouldn't mind a good singer, or a pianist, harpist, or classical guitarist, but she's on the squawky end of the soprano continuum.

I'm trying to be cheerful about all this. I try to say to myself, "Gee, all signs are pointing it's being Time for Us to Move! Won't it be fun to pack up and leave this beautiful, ideally located, efficiently designed, and affordable little condo that we've loved dearly for the past 11 years — and renovated to perfection not so long ago? I'm sure we'll be able to sell it just at the moment that we'll need to, so we can manage to get a mortgage on some other place! Yes, it took us two years of constant hunting to find this place, but maybe this time we'll get lucky! And, who cares if we can't afford anything as nice as this because I'm unemployed, and so what if we'll have to leave our beloved neighborhood? Oh, well! It will be an adventure!"

Have you had enough? Can I smack myself into silence now? I really do try to think positively, as I spend my late-night hours trolling online for a new home. But it isn't working too well.

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