Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Mad Woman"

Thanks to my friend and media-savvy fellow blogger Some Assembly Required, I can see just who I'd be in an episode — no, a full season — of Mad Men. The official site has an excellent tool that lets you personalize your character's physical features, outfit, and accessories — right down to your glazed donut or cigarette.

So here is A Proper Bostonian, who would be playing Persis Fuller Gold on the show. She's a well bred, overeducated, teetotaling, sarcastic, clever, and bloodthirsty senior copywriter who is in direct competition with Peggy. Her work on the Milky Way, Cadillac, and Clairol TV campaigns, and her suave handling of the partners rapidly get her promoted to associate creative director. After a calculated affair with Peggy's priest combusts (I said she was bloodthirsty), she will move back to Boston, buy a crumbling townhouse on Marlborough Street for $22,000, and become one of the founding partners of Cabot, Gold & Company.

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  1. It's only a donut because a slice of cake wasn't one of the choices...


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