Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reason to Move #17

17. The same guy, a few doors away, who kept us up all night last Friday, threw a similar — but longer and louder — party last night. A couple of his friends stood in the alley, after 1 am, and sang pseudo-operatically at top volume, taking advantage of the marvelous acoustics created by all the tall brick building facades (full of hundreds of people who wished they were asleep). The rest of his friends just like to hoot, shriek, and shout, often in unison. Didn't any of them notice that the yard they were screaming in is surrounded by scores of apartments, filled with frustrated people hoping to sleep in their beds?

People with friends like that shouldn't have any friends. I mean, normal party noise that ends at a reasonable hour is one thing, but taking advantage of the alley acoustics to sing long arias, well, that's rude.

We called the police twice for help, but we don't think they ever appeared. I know the landlord. I think he will be sympathetic if I beg him to stop these regular parties. But I have to wonder how many other neighbors called the police, or just found their earplugs, cranked up the air conditioner, or put a pillow over their head.

A party once in a while is one thing; a weekly party on one of Boston's most elegant and otherwise tranquil residential streets is just plain mean.

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