Monday, July 13, 2009

Tall Ships, or Not So Much

The tall ships have left Boston — no more masts and sails cluttering the harbor view, no more comparisons of the scene to a Fitz Henry Lane painting, and far fewer sunburned tourists sipping sodas in baggy cargo shorts.

Despite her dislike of popular attractions, the Proper Bostonian took a detour from shopping in the North End over the weekend to view the ships. They were okay. The hot sun and the crowds soured her mood. If Johnny Depp in full pirate make-up had appeared, piloting the Black Pearl, she would have had more enthusiasm. As it was, the experience was mostly a let-down. The best ships were very far away. Everyone she saw looked so tacky in their loud, printed T-shirts and white trainers — and not a sailor suit or even a crisp straw boater in sight.

And then she spotted this not-tall, non-ship, historically inappropriate vessel, whose sheer ridiculousness made her trip worthwhile:

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