Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This morning the PB put on a charming summer dress and walked to City Hall, planning to talk to a building inspector. I was hoping he or she could help us with our recent air and noise pollution problems. I figured that talking to someone in person would be more effective than sending an email complaint from Boston's .gov site, or just calling them. And the public is welcome to drop in during business hours to discuss such matters with inspectors.

It was a pleasant, if humid, morning for walking, and I was glad to come into the tepid air conditioning of America's Ugliest Building. I went through security and headed to the smiling man at the information desk. I asked for directions to the building inspectors — on the 5th floor, right? He said, "Maybe, but not in this building. They're all at 1010 Mass. Ave." Oops. Then he told me to take the Orange Line to the Mass Ave. stop to get there. So I did. And upon arriving, I discovered that it's nowhere near 1010. In fact, I wasn't far from my own neighborhood so I walked back home and left the inspectors another phone message.

It's hard to fight City Hall when you can't find City Hall. (I know, I wasn't planning on anything remotely like a "fight" in my pretty dress, but it's best to prepare for the worst — as I've learned from many recent experiences.)

I don't blame those inspectors one bit for seeking shelter elsewhere than City Hall. Even the poetry taped up by the elevators can't redeem that mess. I just hope this PB can find their office tomorrow.

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