Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let There Be Frosting!

It's been a stressful a week for the Proper Bostonian and her little family. It's been a stressful summer. Okay, OKAY. It's been a stressful YEAR.

We've got work problems and unemployment problems, health problems of both human and feline varieties (sort of under control, we hope). And, since May, we've been waiting for an unidentified group of academics from around the globe to gather secretly on an unspecified day in September, when they will discuss my husband (and another candidate), and decide whether to give him The Job of His Dreams.

And then there's the neighborhood noise, which has us longing to move. For the past 11 months, there's been racket every single weekday from construction crews. And there's an air-conditioning unit blasting away at our bedroom windows now, too. It sounds like a helicopter, and adds to the stress.

We realize we'll probably never hear the cheers from Fenway Park again, since we have to keep our windows closed even in beautiful weather, with our little window air conditioner blasting its semi-bearable, fan version of "white noise." It's true that no one's had much to cheer about in Fenway for some time. But we loved hearing those home run cheers — before the ball ever met the bat on the TV. We never missed a trick.

Despite all this, we realize that we have much for which to be grateful. Life is still pretty good, even after you realize that you've been poisoning your sick, beloved cat for over a week.  Even when you keep waking up with the bedroom spinning frantically around your pillow (vertigo). But stress can't be ignored. So we went to the North End yesterday after we stocked up at the Haymarket, and we checked out the new branch of Lyndell's Bakery, in the former Lulu's shop on Hanover Street.

My new fruit-and-veggies—based diet makes me feel healthy, virtuous, and thinner. But sometimes, I need cake. Buttery, sugary relief. Here are a few photos to entice you:

This Lyndell's is a lot smaller than the original, but they have a nice selection of individual desserts, tons of cupcakes and their famous moons, a few breakfast pastries, and a smaller sampling of cookies and other specialties. There aren't so many whole cakes or loaves of bread.

We asked for a couple of moons — the golden ones — and all-chocolate and black-and-white frosting. Back home, we found they had given us chocolate cakes instead. So we have to go back, until they get it right.

I'd rather look at a fruit tart than eat it. These look particularly gorgeous, but I'd rather have almost anything else in the case, including that pistachio number to the right. The whole point is frosting, as far as I'm concerned.

In fact, I'll take one of each of the above. Those fluffy, croissant-y things down in the lower right look just as flaky and sweet as the chocolate-almond croissants I inhaled in Paris last fall.

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