Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Cat Lovers Only: An Update on Bunny

While we were away in Maine for a week, we boarded our cat Bunny, who has low-grade intestinal lymphoma, at our vet. We were noticing small changes in her behavior, and it seemed like a good way to have some cat experts monitor and evaluate her day to day.

It turns out to have been a wise move, because she's developed heart disease, probably from the steroids that she's been taking to treat the cancer. Our vet was careful to say that our accidentally overdosing her on steroids for about a week was probably not a factor, but I don't know.... she may have just been being kind.

For the first few days at the vet, Bunny was nosy and demanded attention from everyone, even sticking out her paws from her cage to smack at a broom.

But she developed breathing problems over last weekend, and our vet took X-rays, discovered an enlarged heart and fluid retention around her lungs, and started her on three more medications. She's hopeful that these will stabilize the heart problems.

We're hopeful, too. She's clearly not herself, and it's very sad right now.

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