Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Postcards from Southwest Harbor, Maine

It's good to be back on Mount Desert Island. We drove up Coastal Route 1 yesterday, stopping in Kittery for J. Crew, Freeport for the British Store, Wiscasset for lunch on the pier, Thomaston for a visit with old friends, and Camden for an iced coffee and a grasshopper brownie. It's a long, long drive but it's always scenic, and by now we know where to stop for fun along the way. We arrived at the inn at sundown, with a piping-hot pizza from the Little Notch, and had a quick swim and a dip in the hot tub before the mosquitoes took over.

As usual the inn emptied shortly after breakfast (chocolate muffins, fresh fruit, cheese omelets), with everyone taking off to hike, bike, kayak, and drive through Acadia National Park. We put on our swimsuits and commandeered the lounge chairs by the pool. Under a gently waving tiki umbrella, we sipped ice tea, reread Harry Potter novels, napped, swam in the pool, and soaked in the hot tub. This is my idea of a perfect vacation. We'll probably go climb some mountain eventually, but there'll be an excellent lunch afterward.

For dinner, we strolled down the street to the grocery store, and then went up the street to pick up a crab roll and a lobster to go at Beal's lobster pound. We watched the sun set over the harbor as we waited for our order.

It was a perfect day, and a perfect evening for photography. I think we'll be going back to Beal's for blueberry pie à la mode very soon.

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