Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extra Grateful

I just wrote about gratitude and forgot to mention the story that inspired me.

I am extremely grateful not to have tonsil stones. Follow that link to the New York Times story and be thrilled that you don't have these foul-smelling things growing in (and occasionally popping out of) your tonsils, either:

Formally known as tonsilloliths, the stones consist of mucus, dead cells and other debris that collect in the deep pockets of the tonsils and gradually condense into small, light-colored globs. Bacteria feed on this accumulated matter, giving rise to the odor. Most commonly, the stones are no bigger than a pencil eraser, although doctors have reported individual cases of patients with stones more than an inch wide.

I know, I know, it's wonderful how our bodies can surprise us. Or frighten us. I wonder what South Park will do with this information.


  1. OMG, yeah, right about those tonsil stones! Wasn't that just about the worst health story of the decade???

  2. Yep, tonsil stones have moved right to the top of the "Revolting but Harmless Category" in my Encyclopedia of Things to Freak Out a Hypochondriac (Like Me). I'm still recovering from the Times article. If I see another story anywhere, I think I'd better skip it.


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