Friday, September 4, 2009

Dangerous Bread

Some of my alleged friends think that, in the absence of mice, cats are useless except as lukewarm companions and decorative objects.

Not so. Our Persian cat, Snalbert helpfully installed a software update on my laptop the other day. He has many special talents — in addition to being both ornamental and a very talkative, affectionate companion.

Last night, for example, he saved us from a marauding French baguette. The baguette must have gotten rowdy during the night and planned to storm the apartment, possibly attacking us as we slept. Snalbert bravely wrestled the evil baguette to the floor and subdued it by biting off its foil-wrapped head.

So courageous! What would we have done without him?

Our hero and Bunny at the crime scene this morning.

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