Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ready for Fall

The students are back. The other night, the lines at Trader Joe's on Boylston stretched all the way around the cereal aisle. But that line always moves quickly and waiting allows you to ponder what you forgot to buy (I still forgot the orange juice).

Soon there will be the obligatory wild party at the MIT frat house on the corner, but those usually wrap up around 12:30, and there's always a chance that the screamers who linger in the alley will find something more entertaining to do.

I like seeing school supplies in the stores. Lord & Taylor is packed with winter coats where the swimsuits were just weeks ago. (At least the Christmas shop isn't open yet.)

I miss my sweaters and boots. I'm looking forward to leaves turning, chilly breezes, the smell of woodsmoke on Marlborough Street on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. I want to see pumpkins, gourds, and cider at the farmer's market.

I'm finally getting into the mood to bake again, which heats up the apartment. I'm thinking about tollhouse cookies, banana bread with chocolate chips, pumpkin pecan bread... I might even make the Jordan Pond popover recipe, even though these occasionally explode all over my oven.

I can't wait for the air conditioners to go back into the storage.

I'm ready to switch from iced to hot vente skinny white chocolate mochas, no whip. Call me crazy, but this was a long, tedious summer and I'm ready for a change.

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