Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now I Know

This was a great day. We have a beautiful new kitten sound asleep in her crate in the study. Our friends are happy for us, and several have helped us get her settled in her new home. We're drinking sparkling cider to celebrate her arrival because we can't digest champagne.

More about the kitten later. She has requested privacy during her Important Life Transition.

I learned a few things today. Here's what I know tonight that I didn't have a clue about this morning.

1. If you ever need to borrow a dog crate, the Animal Rescue League has a few they lend, no questions asked. If the receptionist denies this, ask to speak to the shelter manager. She'll help you out. She and her team of volunteers (especially Susie) are great.

2. If you plan to take paint off a cast-iron radiator with a wire brush, you'd better be furious about something. This is a rotten job: it takes a ton of energy, it's boring, and the wire brush does a lousy job. If you're not feeling really pissed, do some other chore because, every 4 minutes, you're going to get thoroughly sick of it and remember that you urgently need to do something — anything— else. If you are in the mood to take out your aggression on an inanimate object, have I got a project for you.

3. My friend J. knows a ton of dog owners in Back Bay, and all of them hang around the house during the day when they aren't taking yoga or walking their dog. And none of them has a dog crate to spare.

4. It is possible to go Bollywood dancing in flip flops. Had I known this last night, I would have gone Bollywood dancing with J., and other friends, at the Hatch Shell. Now I have to wait until next year.

5. There is a universal cooing sound that everyone makes over a photo of a cute kitten. And everybody thinks that your kitten looks exactly like some old kitten they once had....

6. Those frozen breaded chicken breasts from Trader Joe's taste just as soggy and bland this year as they did last year. But TJ's can be forgiven for having the rare, dud product.

7. Geraniums are poisonous to cats. Getting into the wrong houseplants can put a cat into kidney failure. Goodbye, geraniums.

8. My husband secretly hated my geraniums (until tonight) because he thinks they look gangly. And here I was, so proud that they often grew more than 4 feet tall, blooming year round on their long, weird, leafless, flopping stems.

9. There are two new 50th Anniversary Special Edition Mini Coopers. Oddly enough, I don't like either of them. However, as an accent color, "Toffee" has a certain appeal. (When doesn't toffee appeal?)

10. If you want to put a kitten to sleep, start telling her about art history. I just introduced mine to the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, using their convenient, kitten-sized pocket guide, and her eyelids started to droop just as I was getting into showing her Watson and the Shark.

11. If you're going to scrape paint off a cast-iron radiator, wear gloves and a cap, or you'll find chips of paint in your hair as you're writing your blog.

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