Tuesday, October 6, 2009

24/7 Tech Support

We awoke this morning to a broken Mac Time Capsule. This is our lifeline to the Internet. Without it, I can't do freelance work, keep in touch with friends, do my daily sudoku, shop online, job hunt, read the news, or waste most of my day.

Our first question was: Did the kitten disconnect it? She's got the run of half the apartment now, and surely explored the unbelievable mess of wires and cables under my husband's desk. But, like Marley in A Christmas Carol, the Time Capsule was Dead. Dead as a Doornail.

And it was only a year and a half old. Out of warranty. We sent it an early grave from sheer exhaustion.

So I read Harry Potter 6 this morning, while my husband went to the Apple Store. About $500 and an hour later, we're back in business. I can waste all the time I want and periodically earn my living.

I've always joked that I married him (a Mac devotee since the early '80s) for his free 24/7 tech support. I shouldn't joke about this. It's a fact.

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