Sunday, October 4, 2009

Krazy Kitten

I take back everything I said yesterday about being worried about our kitten, Wendy. She didn't tremble a bit today, displaying perfect coordination while emptying all the water out of her bowl several times, even though we bought her a miniature version of those untippable steel ones. She doesn't tip it, she splashes in the bowl like a raccoon. She managed to soak books shelved a few feet from the dish, the floor in-between, and just about everything in her crate, including herself.

She chased, attacked, chewed on, smacked, walloped, carried, vanquished, harried, surprised, and tortured a trio of fake-fur mice, dragging them into her lair/carrier by their tails. She discovered the joys of chomping on her carrier, climbing the walls of the crate, and tearing up the newspaper under her litter box. Three days ago, she didn't know how to play. I'd say she's making up for lost time.

She meowed, she purred, she howled, and yelled. Whenever our other cats spoke up, from other rooms, she responded in paragraphs. She ate and drank and used her litter box. She even napped; we documented those few precious hours:

In short, we have a normal, nutty kitten.

We are not going to get a decent night's sleep for more than a year.

We couldn't be happier.

We went to the MSPCA's Kitten Adopt-a-thon this afternoon, just for kicks. We just wanted to experience 40 kittens in one room. It was fun, they were cute, and we came away eager to get home to our own much more amazing, beautiful, and funny kitten.

At the beginning of this blog, a year ago, I said I wouldn't bore my readers with cat stories. I said nothing about kitten stories. So there.

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