Wednesday, October 7, 2009

North End Update

Things change. The pointless yoga store that took over half of Dairy Fresh Candies is out of business — an empty storefront, just begging for someone to open up, say, a small candy store.

I am happy to the report that the pumpkin cupcakes at Lyndell's on Hanover are cuter than ever, now with little pretzel-stick stems for authenticity. I wanted to photograph the ones I bought, but after carrying them around for more than an hour the bottom of a plastic beg filled with bread and deli stuff as I did more errands, they are sadly flattened and misshapen. Sighhh. I'll just have to go get more.

I didn't bring my camera on this trip, so you'll have to use your imagination: The Mercato di Mare window now features two lobsters sharing a loveseat, wearing curly wigs and jewelry, and watching a Ben Affleck movie on their flat-screen TV. See? You didn't really need a photo; it looks exactly like you're envisioning it.

I haven't visited the newly incarcerated Cheese Man's shop since it changed its name because I tend to get lost lost finding Endicott Street. But I like to go in there and ask for squacquerone, although they never have it. I just like saying it. "Squacquerone."

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