Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quiet Day in Back Bay

I spent the day hanging around the apartment, enjoying my four cats, and waiting for a contractor to show up to finally install the thermostat he'd been promising us repeatedly since last Christmas. He was supposed to be here more than four hours ago. Why am I not surprised?

But today was blissfully quiet, unlike a year ago. Then, we were being barraged by noise from a huge, messy renovation project in our building. That lasted for 10 months and finished up just as two gut renovations of entire buildings began nearby. One is right across the street from us and the other is in the back, in the alley. Those buildings were quiet today, too. Seems like old times.

So it's looking like we're not getting a thermostat yet again. When we're too cold, I can switch on the heat for our unit and the two above ours. The "thermostat" is outside my door, in the hall. But if I forget to turn it off, it will keeping roaring until the temps are up into the 80s because there's no thermal control. It's only a conceptual thermostat. It's also annoying and a huge waste of energy to say the least. We wake up freezing in the night, of course, because if we don't turn off the heat before bed, we'll be dry-roasted overnight. Our apartment has big, drafty original windows and with the heat working normally and the storm windows down, parts of our bedroom can reach the 50s on a cold winter night. But without any thermostat, our radiators become mini blast furnaces; the smell of hot cast iron reminds me of the steel town where I grew up.

But at least it's quiet....

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