Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Does this look like a BOY?
According to the vet used by the Marlborough shelter, Passy is a boy. We are stunned. But it's fine. Chances are he will get along better with Wendy than another girl. Our vet even advised us to choose a boy, but we fell in love with this alleged girl instead of the gray tiger fellow to the right. My husband prefers flirty female cats, but this little guy should grow up to be a charmer, too.

We've spent almost a week trying to invent a name as goofily appropriate as Wendelina Pantherina for another girl, and failing. Boys' names should be easier. I came up with a couple of good ones several days ago but naturally I've forgotten them now.

I hope his missing chunk of ear will give him some tough-guy "street cred," as a friend suggested, because he's certainly going to need some with that sweet little face. No, he's never going outside, and our teenage male cat is still a big fluffy baby himself. But word gets around.

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