Friday, October 16, 2009

Things I Wonder About

You know how Jesus, Mary, the saints, and ancient Biblical, Greek, and Roman people are always depicted wearing tunics (if they're lucky enough not to be dressed at all) topped with elegantly draped stoles, mantles, or similar blankie things? The mantle usually goes over one shoulder and wraps around the person perfectly. It looks effortless, even when worn by some poor nymph who desperately needs a camisole under hers.

Have you ever tried to wear one of those? Do you know how impossible it is to keep it in place, to move your arms, or walk without tripping?

I know, because I've been stuck wearing one for the past two days. Thanks to our fancy new boiler, the "Mercedes of Boilers," according to our building manager, we've had no heat, even though it's been down in the 40s and 30s. So, on top of my sweater and fleece, I've been draping this super-long, moth-eaten, knitted cashmere stole/throw/thing that my husband gave me for Christmas years ago.

I spent 12 years in Catholic school taking religion classes, and in college I took plenty of art history. And then I spent 17 years in an art museum. You'd think I'd have that draping technique down cold. But no. I trip, I get tangled, I can't keep the damn thing on me, and I'm still freezing.

No wonder they're worn by saints and gods. They had to have magic wardrobe powers or they couldn't walk around dressed like that.

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