Friday, October 2, 2009

There Are Two Kinds of Laptops

We're having Internet problems tonight; pages are loading on my ancient PowerBook G4 like it's 1999. There's no better cure for an Internet addiction than service that's slower than dial-up. I think I'll go read and watch the game instead of waiting for the Flying Pinwheel of Death, as we call that colorful Mac thingy.

I hope the speed gets back to normal tomorrow. If I can't do my morning sudoku puzzle, my whole day is off-kilter.

Let's see if I can at least load one of the photos of Wendy we took today.... Hooray. Today she learned that it's nice to lie in laps while being petted. She is so relaxed at times that she rolls onto her back in our arms so we can stroke her belly.

She also learned to meow her head off. Yesterday she squeaked; today she's giving speeches. She also likes to splash water from her bowl far and wide when we're not looking. This might just be kitten behavior, but it could also be that she has some Maine Coon heritage. Those cats have raccoon-like habits with water, including washing food, toys, and other things they find around the house and carry to their water bowl. Some Coons like to knock over their bowl and spread the water thinly all over the floor with their paws. If only they'd dust, too, I'd adopt several.

Being me, the A-level hypochondriac, I'm already worried about Wendy's health. It's not my fault: I've been through the mill lately with all the feline health problems we've experienced this year. We had, or have, just about all of the major ones among our older cats. What's troubling me about the kitten is that her feet tremble sometimes when she's lying on us, and she trembles generally more than seems normal. She does it when she's nervous, of course, and when she's purring, but I don't think purring kittens are supposed to have twitchy feet. On top of that, she's still the least active kitten I've ever seen; I bet Queen Elizabeth jumps around more than Wendy does. I'm wondering if she's had a reaction to the shots and worm and flea medications she had at the vet on Tuesday. That stuff can be nasty, and she's a tiny, feral animal, without a lot of natural immunity at this stage of her life.

Fortunately, we received a free 30-day health insurance policy when we adopted her. I'm going to activate it tomorrow and if she's still got a trembling foot, she's off to the vet ASAP. My husband thinks she's fine and I'm crazy, which is somewhat reassuring. But I'm already so thoroughly attached to her that I have to know that she's perfectly okay.

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