Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why All the Empty Posts?

Sorry about those 14 blank postings from 20 minutes ago. Our male kitten discovered the joys of blogging while exploring my desk this morning; those were his. I believe he'll volunteer plenty of actual content as he gets older; he's only been alive for 12 weeks, most of which were spent in the wild, so his typing skills are way behind the other cats. He will certainly have plenty to say about food. He was very upset not to get any pizza or Florentine cookies and ice cream last night, and I think he was asking for sausages and a pot of good coffee this morning. He sings long, passionate songs that seem to be about unrequited food encounters. But he's not in perfect health; he and a stool sample are making a trip to the vet this afternoon, so we aren't catering to his gourmet tastes just yet. He is on the kitten chow diet right now, and resents it.

He still has no name. I think he's aristocratic with his good manners and vocabulary, and his gray striped suit and white ruff. It suggests something like "Baron von Rumpuspusse." But my husband said "No." "Opera Man" doesn't roll off the tongue, either. And there is just no man's name out there that conveys his sweetness and personality. So we're stuck with Passamaquoddy, which is all wrong. We just put Soft Paws on him for the first time: eight tiny clear plastic caps to cover his claws, which will keep our furniture from being destroyed. He was perfectly behaved during the application and is napping instead of trying to chew them off, which is what cats usually do. Wendelina is next; I suspect she won't be so easygoing.

Because Sister Wendy has been trying to kill Passy all morning. She's surprisingly territorial. We had to incarcerate her, briefly, in her cage, as a "time-out." It's still too early to know if they'll eventually become friends, but it's looking grim right now. And we continue to think about Passy's equally lovely, and even more affectionate, sister, Abenaki.

If we end up with five cats, you are permitted to cart me away for psychiatric testing. I agree it's a reasonable line of action. But keep in mind that you'll have to feed the family and clean their litter boxes while I'm locked up.


We took both kittens to the vet so Wendy could socialize with the staff. The head vet assistant warned us against getting Passy's sister, or any third kitten. She said that a four-cat household is pushing it, and their clients who have five cats, especially in smaller apartments, often see behavior problems, from fighting and spraying to not using the litter box. She also said that cats' personalities mature between ages 3 and 5, and this is when new territorial battles to move up the cat-family hierarchy can happen. We can't know what to expect from these kittens when they reach that age, but adding Kitten 3 to the mix increases the chances for trouble. Finally, she said that the two siblings may not recognize each other by now, and may turn against each other as the mature. So she settled our dilemma, and we are a two-cat, two-kitten household for the foreseeable. And we feel good about that. Now, to choose a real name for Mr. Opera Man.

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  1. With his long face and because cats respond best to names with s's in them I'd say Sebastian as in Belle and Sebastian, I'm sure you'd rather not have this up for discussion in blog world but it is better than Passamaquody or even SansSimeon


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