Monday, October 26, 2009

The Worry List

I just need to get this off my chest. Then I can feel better. Maybe you'd like to worry about some of these for me, to give me a break?

1. My husband's job. He is losing a big chunk of his salary next year. His university moved him from full-time to part-timel lecturer status, so even though he'll have the same workload, he'll have half the salary and fewer benefits. Wasn't that nice? He gets rave evaluations from his students for his enthusiasm and teaching skills, has an international reputation in his field, and has published a ton of scholarship. But that's beside the point. He's still waiting for news about the Job of His Dreams, for which he interviewed exactly one year ago tomorrow. He's one of two candidates left standing, we hear, and the university might make a decision in two or three months. Or they may not.

2. My lack of a job.  To make up for that lost income, I need to get a full-time job. But I've been looking for more than a year, and no one is interested an old lady (okay, a very young Baby Boomer) whose top skill these days is whining in her blog. I spend whole days crafting perfect cover letters for appropriate jobs and I never hear a peep. How can I take 15 years off my résumé?

3. The ringworm possibility. I figure we'll know within two weeks. In case our kitten has it, I'm taking precautions now, including cleaning, vacuuming and lots of laundry. I'm going to talk to the vet about vitamins and other supplements to boost all four cats' immune systems, and an antifungal shampoo (that isn't stinky) to use on the two kittens. I'm going to find out if the vet will do the nasty, twice-weekly lime sulfur dips, if the cats need them; I'd rather not be involved in that at any cost. Then I'm going to try to stop worrying about it for awhile, while continuing to vacuum, do hot-water laundry, and wipe down the house daily.

4. The economy. There are no jobs, the banks are still screwed up, and I'm ready for some strong signs of a recovery.

5. The flu. We both need both shots, and there aren't any. I have asthma and my husband teaches 130 students, so we're both at risk.

Okay, that's enough. Time to clean and think positive thoughts. We're healthy, our friends and families are, too. We have many wonderful friends. Ringworm isn't fatal, just icky and tough to eradicate. There's still money in the bank. The kittens are heavenly, if infectious little buggers.  Deep breath, Deep breath....

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