Friday, October 9, 2009

Yeah, We're Crazy All Right

Meet our future Cat #4. It was a quick decision, made just a couple of hours after my last, questioning post. Other people were coming to see and choose from the kittens, and I didn't want anyone else to fall in love with her and scoop her up into their life. She belongs in ours. I think it's impossible not to be charmed by her despite her having 1.5 ears. So our second feral kitten will be arriving next week, after a last check-up at the vet. I'm a little stunned. But we had four cats for many years and all was well.

Her name is Passamaquoddy and her siblings are called Abenaki and Ossipee. We'll give her a new name, which might be just as odd as Passamaquoddy but more pronounceable. And it will be uniquely hers.

Along with my Inful-Outful Dichotomy Theory, in my post-college days I developed the Geometric Theory of Cat Ownership. Think of your home as a graphical area, on a page, say, or in space. Having just one cat is about the same as putting a random dot in that area. You've got a cat, but it could be anywhere. Chances are, it's not anywhere near you. With two cats, you can plot the space between them as a straight line. So you've got linear cats, and your chances of locating and interacting with one of them are double. With three cats, you've got a planar experience and are much more likely to be in proximity to one of your cats. Add a fourth cat, and you've got the whole Omnimax three-dimensional cat experience without needing the stupid glasses.

And sometimes, when you lose a cat, it takes two more to fill the hole left in your heart. At any rate, two wild kittens will be a spectacular distraction!

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