Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Little Good News

Yesterday Snalbert remembered that he is a cat and began eating food from a bowl again. He appears to have fully recovered from the calicivirus that was plaguing him for a month. Last night, we didn't need to syringe-feed him, although we did a little of it anyway, just to make sure he got his lysine dose. It is supposed to protect him against viruses, so it's important.

His voice has also returned, and he is making up for all the time he didn't have it. He lectured me all day yesterday at high volume, and has been very chatty today, too. He joined us for dinner, practically jumping into my plate. I even sawing him eyeing my laptop last night, probably wondering what new updates he can install for me.

It's wonderful to watch him eat, and it's great to be able to stop jabbing that big needle into him for the subcutaneous hydration he'd been needing daily for a couple of weeks.

He doesn't know it yet, but his recovery also means he can have the stinky lime-sulfur dips everyone (except us humans) will be getting every Friday for the next month, or two, or three. Here's hoping the stress of it doesn't trigger another virus attack; it's essential to do this to rid them of ringworm spores, so we have no choice.

Mr Maquoddy, aka Possum, is also going to get his first dip on Friday. He is still taking an antibiotic, and has an occasional cough, but I think he's safely on the mend, too. Knowing him, he'll probably like his lime-sulfur spa treatment.

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