Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mellow Yellow

The aftermath of yesterday's lime-sulfur dip-a-thon wasn't as bad as I feared. We didn't asphyxiate in the car while bringing our four cats home, in their four identical, collapsible carriers. The groomer reported that everyone was polite and well-behaved, although.... "What?! Tell me!" I demanded. "Snalbert, um, had an awful lot to say," she replied. "He talked the whole time. He's very loud." This I knew. He would think nothing of speaking his mind for two hours while dripping with lime sulfur. He drove us nuts with his complaints the second we put him in his carrier and all the way to the groomer.  He compensates for his limited vocabulary with extra volume.

When Wendy is unhappy, she curls up into a ball, like a snail. You can pick her up, hold her, or set her down at any angle and she stays rolled up. My husband has started referring to her as "the sausage," but I think she is more like a bracciole, the Italian stuffed beef roast that the butcher rolls into a string bag to keep the stuffing inside, but I digress.  When Wendy is dipped, she becomes a ball and doesn't air dry as quickly as the others. This increases everyone's waiting time to go home, but there's nothing to be done.

When we walked into the vet hospital's reception area, the fruit-scented candles they are always burning did nothing to mask the powerful odor of rotten eggs. The groomer needed to prepare four gallons of solution, one for each cat; we were grossed out by just one cup of the stuff here at home.

This adventure cost us $160. Worth it, as long as the ringworm goes away for good.

They were very glad to come home, although Possum jumped right back into his carrier. (What else might you expect from a feral who was trapped twice before he was 10 weeks old? He likes to be trapped.)

Snicky and Snalbert look more bedraggled than the kittens, who have shorter fur. Snicky seems to smell the worst but that may be because she parks herself under our chins on the bed at night. Phew. I woke up in the middle of the night with a stuffed nose and have been itching and sneezing all morning. I suspect I'm allergic to the dip. Sudafed and Allegra.

The kittens do not look very yellow. Everyone feels dusty and weird, and our hands reek of gunpowder when we touch them.  But that's the worst of it. We touch them anyway.

The groomer reported that Possum and Snalbert were the hardest to soak, because their coats are so thick. Snalbert, being a full-grown Persian, has a long coat that's thick enough for two cats. But I was surprised about Possum, who is just a little guy with only medium-length, silky fluff. Someone told me he looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat. They have long, shaggy coats and huge ruffs. Could be.

I calculate that we'll be having them dipped every Friday at least through Christmas and probably into January. It seems one can get used to anything, even the smell of rotten eggs and gunpowder.

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