Monday, November 2, 2009

A Reminder...

... of why all the vet bills, tricky medication doses, endless cleaning, worrying, inconvenience, exhaustion, sleeplessness, and general house disorder are actually worthwhile.

We're in the cat-nursing business. All four cats have problems of varying severity, and most of them are contagious to the others. There's very little we can do about this, since we can't isolate anyone in this little place. And if the ringworm culture turns up positive, things are only going to get worse — by a factor of about 10, I think.

Today, Snalbert, our tech-savvy Persian teenager, went to the vet. He has calicivirus, probably, which accounts for his inflamed throat and the mouth ulcers which are making his jowls bloody, like Dracula after a messy meal. He probably caught it from Possy, on the left, there. Note the little red ulcer on his nose, which is sometimes bloody, too. We're running a vaporizer to help their nasal passages.

For the next few days, Snalbert needs subcutaneous fluids, a few force feedings, a large antibiotic capsule, two servings of lysine antiviral gel, an appetite stimulant, an antiviral pill, and two doses of pain medication.

Our other teenager, Snicky, gets lysine, a steroid pill, powdered potassium in her food, and an appetite stimulant.

Possum finished his worming meds tonight, but gets an antibiotic, an antiviral pill, and lysine. (He eats all the lysine-laced food that none of the other cats will touch.) He also gets warm saline dripped into his nose whenever he will permit it.

When we can catch her, twice a day, Wendy (up there on the right, probably giving ringworm to Possum and the chair) gets lysine and a topical ointment on her ears and one toe. She just finished her worming meds, too. She's supposed to have three antifungal baths a week but she's only had two so far and I don't think I can persuade the spouse to subject her to any more.

I hope we get a system down for all this, because it's hard to remember. I'm glad I've got the list here, so I can go over it tomorrow. Much of this stuff is hard to administer since all of the cats except Possum (who thinks medication is food) struggle and/or ignore medicated food.

I'm also glad I've got that photo to cheer me up and keep me on the sane side as I'm spending much of my non-nursing time as the hospital janitor.

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