Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things Seem Better in the Morning...

This morning, I realized I had the number of my vet's tech asst. in my caller ID from yesterday, so I called at 9, and she was there. She'd found the note I'd frantically stuck under the door last night and was about to call my vet.

Our vet called within the hour. She's been sick but has had to work a lot because the other vet is away. She apologized for thinking we had a fax machine, and chalked it up to a fever and a hectic day. She told me the recommended doses she'd calculated for Sporanox, which were, as I'd thought, drastically less than those the vet in the ER had given us (0.5 ml vs. 4.5 ml, for example). Then she realized that she'd made a serious math mistake when calculating the dosages, twice, yesterday. Yikes.

She said she was appalled. She also realized that the cherry-flavored liquid ($56 and unopened) was not feasible at the higher doses. She will investigate another drug on her day off tomorrow and try to get a compounding pharmacy to overnight it to us.

We talked at length about treatment issues. The two cats who are sick with a virus shouldn't be bathed or dipped, for example, and the older cats will need liver tests. And so on. At least now I have some idea of what to expect for the coming months. And I can start picking up or ordering what we need.

I'm still not feeling comfortable about the miscommunications and errors that happened yesterday. But she apologized, and I have the feeling things like this won't happen again. At least the doses she gave were simply too low to be useful; they weren't toxic overdoses. But still.

I'm partly to blame, too. I wanted to be a polite, patient client. Instead, I should have put my cats first, not my reputation. I should have called yet again when it got close to closing time, instead of assuming I'd hear from them after hours. Next time, every time, I will be more of a pain.

The lesion on Possum's nose is no worse so, although we are losing half a week when we could be tackling the fungus, I'm not the furious wreck I was last night. I'm finding a lot of support on the online forums of a cat lovers' Web site, and the people there were very supportive and sympathetic last night.

Another reason I'm a less furious wreck: my vet called me on her cell phone. I have caller ID, and wrote down the number. I plan to memorize it.

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