Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ultimate Challenge: 10 Good Things about November

1. It's not February.

2. All those Thanksgiving dinners. We usually have three: one per day as we dash around visiting our various families. But the turkey leftovers prepared by the two cook-housekeepers at our friend Kelly's house are always the best of all when we stop by for lunch with him on the weekend. I think they use pounds of butter and quarts of cream for every meal. No complaints.

3. I'm already running out of ideas. I can't get excited about Veteran's Day. Hmm. Here's one: quarterly estimated taxes aren't due in November. (Or in seven other months. But it counts.)

4. I don't get much of a thrill from the extra hour of Sunday morning I get when we turn back the clocks, but we're talking November; even tiny thrills count.

5. The pressure is off to create a fabulous Halloween costume. Geez, this is quite a lousy month, the more you think about it.

6. Since I started wearing boots, cords, and sweaters weeks ago, I can't claim that arguable pleasure for November. But maybe I'll be wearing my trusty, 15-year-old shearling jacket soon. That's actually something to look forward to, even if moths did eat all the fuzzy edging around one of the patch pockets.

7. It would be nice if mosquitoes disappeared by now, but we've had them in November because they breed in our chimneys. But I've never been bitten by a mosquito in my sleep in late November. Hooray for that.

8. Scraping the bottom of the barrel here.... by November, I don't mind seeing Christmas decorations in stores. The displays in Anthropologie are always whimsical and fun.

9.  Here's a real one: skating at the Frog Pond opens in November. Maybe this year I'll finally get up my courage and go. I got new figure skates for Christmas a few years ago, and haven't tried them yet.

10. It's not March. But here's a little-known fact:  March is a euphemism for February II. In New England, February is really 59 or 60 days long. At least November is only 30 days. That's another good thing.

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