Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo Album

We interrupt these dreary reports of illness and housecleaning to bring you cute photos of the cats, so you can see what all the fuss is about. Possum is heavily featured because he refuses to be photographed in future until he's recovered from the giant spot of ringworm disfiguring his nose. We have no recent photos of Snalbert because he spends most of his time under the bed when the camera comes out.

We consider Snicky, above, to be our "healthy" cat despite her chronic illnesses: inflammatory bowel disease and chronic renal failure. She's getting pills and dips for ringworm even though she has no symptoms.

Here's Possum, relaxing on the tacky sheet covering our sofa. The sheets make decent photo backdrops but are depressing as hell otherwise.

Here's Wendy, our lovely ringworm perpetrator (we are careful not to let her know), letting me get just this close for a photo before dashing away for dear life. Wendy isn't a kitten with a tail; she's a fabulous tail with a small amount of cat attached, so it can go places.

Despite his feral-tipped ear, Possum was perhaps the most photogenic cat ever; may he be so again someday. He is so sweet that even Snicky tolerates him although she doesn't like cats. She seems to be reconsidering her position in this photo, but she didn't beat up on him, or so much as hiss, when he took over her armchair and her photo opportunity.

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