Monday, December 14, 2009

I Don't Believe in Myself

We received this card today from our favorite neighbor, and it made us both laugh:

It's time we stopped whining, brightened up, and focused on the issues at hand: shopping, wrapping, mailing, and stuffing our faces with cookies. We hooked up our new Denon mini stereo (plus an iPod dock) today, so we can finally play my extensive Christmas playlist. I'd been wishing for a decent stereo for about four years. And the kittens need a musical education, so it became imperative. And J&R offered me 25% off and free shipping.

The kittens now know many classic carols as well as some Roy Orbison, Jethro Tull, and Louis Armstrong. When my husband isn't around, I will introduce them to The Clash. (He wouldn't approve.) When I'm not around, he will subject them to Yes and various hip, nubile vocalists whose voices are so high-pitched and babyish that only dogs can hear some of their warbling.

We don't have a lot of musical common ground, beyond for the Beatles, Liz Phair, Nora Jones, Al Stewart, Sting, U2, and the Ditty Bops. Heavens, the kittens need to learn about U2 pronto! We are terrible parents.

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